Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Future of The Cub's Catchers

On a typical team, you will usually see a starting catcher and a backup catcher.  Last season, the Cubs held a little bit more depth at the position. They had (still have) Miguel Montero, who served as a solid day to day catcher who saw his struggles at the plate, only batting .216.  They also had David Ross, who was the personal catcher for John Lester.  With his age came his struggles at the plate as well, with a .229 batting average, but he served a crucial leadership role in the club house.  He enjoyed what he called his year-long retirement party last season, while going on to win the world series before he retired.  Kyle Schwarber was also a prospect at catcher, but with his recent injury causing him to miss much of the 2016 season, many speculate that he will not likely return to the position.  I, however, remain optimistic for him.

On June 17th, a third catcher was called up to the Cubs from Iowa.  Wilson Contreras served his role very well with his bat, along with being a solid defensive catcher.  Over the 2016 season, Contreras played in 57 games.  In those 57 games of his rookie season in the majors, he threw out 13 base runners.  At the plate, he batted .353 in AAA and .282 in Chicago with 12 home runs.  Here you can find more expansive statistics.

With the retirement of David Ross and a 32 year old Montero's age showing and impending free agency, it is fantastic that the Cubs have Contreras to count on as being the future of Cubs catching.  Next season will be a great opportunity for Montero to share as much of his veteran experience to Contreras as he hands off the torch.

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