Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wrigley Construction

If you have been anywhere near Wrigley in the past few years, I'm sure you know there is a lot of construction and renovating going on.  Since the Ricketts acquired the team in 2007, one of the main objectives (aside from winning a World Series) was to improve the aging facilities.  The whole project is know as the 1060 project, named after Wrigley Field's address.

Last season, a lot of what was done in the off season was structural.  One of the big projects was removing the outfield bleachers.  This consisted of tearing up and replacing the concrete and the bleacher seats themselves.  Another really big improvement was the remodeled clubhouse and new office building for the front office staff.  The old clubhouse was extremely outdated, to the point where it was one of the worst in the MLB.  Below is the Cub's clubhouse both before and after the renovation.

This off season, there is a pretty expansive list of projects that will be underway.  The big one that I would like to note is the moving of the bullpen.  The bullpen will be moved from first and third base line foul territories, to under the bleachers.  Wild warmup pitches were constantly causing delays in play, so it was pretty obvious early on in the renovation plans that would need to change.  With it being under the bleachers and out of site, it will be interesting to see just how fans and broadcasters will know who, if anyone is in the bullpens during high leverage situations.

One thing is obvious, the best ballpark in America will be constantly improving over the next few years.  The Ricketts are doing a fantastic job of adding important modern amenities for players and fans alike, all while keeping the ballpark's century old charm.

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